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“8 Strummer: Great app, a must have for every guitarist!” Tom – 8strummer user.

Are you one of those guitarists whose right arm is waggling about without structure or who plays every song in your one and only rhythm?!

To help guitarists to improve rhythm playing with a simple, step-by-step, structured method we invented 8strummer.

Move from this…

“I’ve been playing guitar for years – I know all the chords but my rhythms stinks!”  A common complaint.

To this…

“I’ve been a metronome all my life. If you set the groove it ain’t going to go nowhere.” Legendary guitarist Steve Cropper. (Dock of the Bay, Midnight Hour, Blues Brothers).

Understand rhythm and you will be a better guitarist! 

“A lot of cats don’t work on their rhythm enough, and if you don’t have rhythm you might as well take up needlepoint or something” Prince.

Experience the brand new iPhone App

8 Strummer will help you to:

  • practice and improve your rhythm guitar skills
  • write songs
  • hear and internalize rhythm patterns
  • feel the combination of down and up strums that make the rhythm pattern happen

8strummer is…

  • A rhythm guitar primer;
  • A vital resource for practising and improving rhythm guitar skills;
  • A useful song-writing tool.