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Advanced 2 – The Black Run

Black Run n. (Skiing) skiing an extremely difficult run, suitable for expert skiers

The Advanced 2 worship guitar course builds on material covered in earlier courses.

The Advanced 2 course is designed for those that are committed to playing the guitar and want to push their skills further.

It’s expected that the student would be a reasonably experienced and competent guitarist in a variety of styles, be familiar with the chord families in the 5 basic guitar keys – C, G, D, A and E, and have a reasonably solid rhythm technique.

The course is also about finding your own style as a guitarist. We examine some techniques and see how they can be applied to songs. All techniques are illustrated with musical examples.

Aspects Covered:

  • Examining the 5 main guitar keys, illustrated with more complicated songs.
  • Cyclical chord patterns – Circles of 5ths and 3rds.
  • Building a chord vocabulary – Basic chord types: Major, minor, major 7th, 7th, minor 7th, Augmented, half-diminished, diminished 7th, sus4, sus2, add6, add2.
  • More complex chords – chord extensions: 9th and 11ths.
  • Playing in various keys without a capo.
  • Slash chords.
  • More funky and interesting rhythmic patterns – left and right hand funk techniques.
  • Transient modulations – songs that temporarily change keys.
  • Minor keys – modal and tonal.
  • Finger picking patterns and styles. Flat picking and hybrid picking.

23 more complex songs in various styles are added to the repertoire.

Advanced 2 – The Black Run Objective:

The objective for the Advanced 2 course is to open up some new techniques, give students the freedom to play complex songs in a variety of styles, and to increase confidence as a guitarist in any musical situation.

Summer 2024 Advanced 2 COURSE SCHEDULE

• Wednesday Evenings 6:30 – 7:45 – Starting May 8th, 2024

Advanced Guitar – £150 (Early bird only £135.00)