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Songwriting Course

The new worship songwriting course.

“You know what it’s like, writing, it’s torture.” John Lennon.

Ask a songwriter how they write songs – you often don’t get a very helpful or cohesive answer. “Well you sit around and wait for inspiration.” But what if inspiration doesn’t strike? How do I even make a start at songwriting?

The new songwriting course has some very hands-on, practical ways of getting started with songwriting.

The course will look at:

  • How to create a melody.
  • How to put chords to a melody.
  • Simple techniques to construct chord sequences.
  • How to write a melody to a chord sequence.
  • How to get your song down on paper.
  • Ideas for producing lyrics.
  • Resources for lyricists.
  • Making metaphors.
  • Song forms.
  • About melodic motives or hooks.

And much more.

Autumn 2024 Songwriting COURSE SCHEDULE

• Fridays – 6:15 – 7:45 pm – Starting – Contact me if interested.

Songwriting – £145.00 (Early bird only £140.00)