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Student Endorsements of the worship guitar and songwriting courses:


“I’ll be honest; when I put the first disc in my computer I was sceptical. The lesson revising chords seemed incredibly simple compared to what I was expecting from an intermediate guitar tutorial. It promises to give you everything you need to be able to lead small groups in worship, and since I already lead worship on my own and with a band several times a week I predicted that I wouldn’t learn anything from the course. Persevering through the 10 sessions though, I quickly proved myself wrong.
The course teaches music theory such as inversions and pedal notes, and I found myself learning terms for the techniques that I had been using unknowingly in my worship, and instantly felt that I could now keep up with the more ‘classically trained’ musicians that I work with. It also teaches advanced chords and rhythms but at an easy going pace. These are then put into practise by playing along to full-length worship songs using online chord sheets. The interviews with worship leaders such as Graham Kendrick and Ben Cantelon are a bonus and give you an insight into the stories behind how they got to where they are today.
So just who is this course for? Well if you know a few basic guitar skills, then slowly and patiently committing and working through this course will bring you to a point where you will be able to play worship songs as part of a band. If you already play in a band or already lead worship, but have never really done any music theory, then this course can dramatically improve your skills. And at this price, it’s a lot cheaper than a guitar teacher.”
Sean Skinner
Editorial Intern, Youthwork Magazine

“Thank you so much, Simon, this is a fabulous way to learn to play the guitar”

“I’m so much further on than I could possibly imagine.”

“Excellent course; I have really enjoyed these past ten weeks.”

“Brilliant teacher.”

“It exceeded my expectations.”

“I think the speed of the course was just right – enough to keep you on your toes but not so much that you feel lost.”

“Great course! I’ve really enjoyed it and would (and already have!) recommended it to others.”

“A very well thought out course.”

“I loved it! Simon you are fab! Thank you so much, I’ll definitely be back for the improvers course.”

“Brilliant course”

“Really enjoyed the course and surprised at how much I’ve learnt.”

“The course made me feel, and dare I say sound, like a guitar player. Thank you so much.”

“I learnt a lot more than I thought possible in just a few weeks.”

“Simon’s approach and the relaxed atmosphere make it easy to learn”

“Loved every minute. All of it was awesome. Looking forward to next year already!”

“I have really enjoyed every week of the course and can’t believe quite how much I’ve learned in ten weeks.”

“110% – Your course has really transformed my playing.”

“Thank you for your pleasant teaching style.”

Beginners Guitar Course

Just wanted to say I think the course is brilliant … I’ve had my guitar for a year now and just felt I was getting nowhere. I had a couple of private lessons from somebody who really couldn’t teach at all so I gave up on that then just struggled on by myself all this time trying to learn songs from worship sheets which somebody gave me and wrote the chords down for me. I was getting so bored and felt I was progressing at all. However, your course is changing all that and I feel I am learning loads so thanks again for putting this course together Simon. Sarah

Many thanks again for the course! The beginners course has been amazing and I thank you for taking us all on this journey to being fully fledged (and real) guitarists! I especially enjoy your quotes for the week, which always give a lot of food for thought and encouragement, but I also thank you for your patience, guidance and encouragement which has only increased and built my confidence in playing! So thank you so much! Dora.

I led worship yesterday at 7am. Completely spirit led and sporadic and I remembered all the chords!

Afterwards someone said they couldn’t believe I’d only done one term on the ten-week worship leader course! Testimony to great organization and teaching.

Thank you!


Improvers Guitar Course

A massive thank you for teaching us over the last few weeks. I’ve found the course unbelievably useful, in just opening up the fret board. I loved how you tied in theory and expanding our understanding of the guitar and not just settling for the easy basics!

You’re a brilliant teacher, and have really inspired me to keep striving to get better, so thank you again!


Advanced Course.

I would just like to say how much I have really enjoyed the course. It was just at right level of challenge from the first week and I’ve loved every bit so far. Those at church who hear me play have all commented that my playing’s coming on.

I will recommend this to anyone I meet in the street (!)

Thanks again. Neil