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Advanced Worship Guitar Course

The Advanced Worship Guitar Course builds on material examined in previous courses.

The course is designed for people who are enjoying playing the guitar and are keen to improve their skills.

The guitar course is for those who have completed the Intermediate Course, or players who already have some grasp of guitar techniques.

The course aims to build confidence in the student’s ability to play songs in a variety of styles.

The course consolidates material coverd in earlier courses.

Aspects covered:

  • Triads and Seventh chords in the five main guitar keys (C, G, D, A E) are revised.
  • The funky Bo Diddley rhythm, and a variation on it, are practised.
  • Pedal tones are practised for the keys of G, D, E and C.
  • There is a more in-depth examination of slash chords
  • We explore triads – major, minor, augmented, diminished, suspended 2nd and suspended 4th
  • We look at transposition and the significance of the CAGED system.
  • Seventh chords are transformed into various types – Major 7th, dominant 7th minor 7th, minor 7thb5, diminished 7th.
  • Finger-picking patterns are examined.
  • We look at playing some hymns.

The technical aspects are put in to practise by playing various songs from the worship repertoire.

A further 30 worship songs, of greater complexity, are added to the repertoire.

Advanced Worship Guitar Course Objective:

The majority of students on the course are playing for prayer groups, or home groups and are looking towards getting involved in their church worship band.

This course helps to facilitate being able to deal with these situations.


• Tuesday Evenings 8:00 – 9:15- Starting May 7th, 2024

Advanced Guitar – £150 (Early bird only £135.00)