Lead Guitar 2


I known an electric guitarist who was playing in church for a service. The worship leader played a ‘50s rock’n’roll style song. He turned and gave the electric guitarist a nod to take a guitar solo. The guitarist panicked – he had no idea what to play or how to solo in that style.

Lead guitar 2 is all about being able to play a guitar solo in various styles.

We examine:

  • The layout and significance of the pentatonic scale.
  • The blues form/blue notes – 12-bar accompaniment patterns.
  • Swing and straight eighths
  • The blues scale in theory and practise.
  • Intervals
  • The major and natural minor scales in improvisation
  • Arpeggios

We will also introduce some common techniques on the guitar – the mechanics of right hand motion, alternate picking, economy and sweep picking, legato and tapping.



• Thursday Evenings 8:00 – 9:30 – Starting October 1st, 2020

Lead Guitar 2 – £155 (Early bird only £140.00)


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