Introduction to Lead Guitar in Worship


What is Lead Guitar?

There are broadly two types of guitar playing – you have the rhythm guitarist (John Lennon in The Beatles, usually the worship leader in the church band), and a lead guitarist (George Harrison in The Beatles, often, although not exclusively, an electric guitarist – usually someone playing second guitar alongside the worship leader.) Because the worship leader is covering the basic chords and rhythms the second, or lead guitarist, is able to find some other things to do to compliment the rhythm player. 

These are some alternative titles for the Into to Lead course. 

10-Week Worship Guitar – Introduction to Lead Guitar

Playing a support role in the worship band

How to accompany a rhythm guitarist

Venturing Up Past the 3rd Fret

Understanding the CAGED Layout on the Guitar.

We will look at playing improvised guitar solos, of course, but that doesn’t happen so often in the worship context – It’s often more a matter of finding something that compliments the song and adds to what the rhythm player is doing.



• Friday Evenings 6:15 – 7:45 – Starting May 2024

Lead Guitar – £155.00 (Early bird only £140.00)

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