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Welcome to The Ten Week Worship Leader blog. As well as my recent resurrection of my YouTube channel, on which I’ve now begun sharing a weekly worship guitar focused workshop called ‘Worship Workshop Wednesday’, I’ve also decided to resume blogging here on my website. All of this stems from my ‘why’, and the reason I decided to teach worship guitar in the first place.

Over the next few weeks, here on the blog, I’ll be sharing more about why I teach worship guitar, as opposed to just playing it (which you might expect from someone who’s been a professional musician for over 30 years!)

A new post will be shared here on the blog every Monday, so do ensure that you’re following the journey, and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel, where you’ll receive a free workshop every week which will teach you not only a new worship song to add to your repertoire, but also a skill, which will continue to carry you forward in your worship guitar journey.

Why I Teach Guitar: Part Three

There seems to be a hunger in people who want to play some worship songs on the guitar – initially for their own worship time, but perhaps to go on to lead others. This just in this morning from one student who has moved successively through Beginners, to Intermediate, to Advanced classes:

Hey Simon, really feel my playing has suddenly gone up a notch, and I was practising my peddle-tones last night and I intend to use that method in the worship leading at my pastorate today.” – Sarah

Here are some other recent testimonials that I have received over the last couple of years:

“Thank you so much, Simon, this is a fabulous way to learn to play the guitar”

“I’m so much further on than I could possibly imagine.”

“Excellent course; I have really enjoyed these past ten weeks.”

“It exceeded my expectations.”

“I think the speed of the course was just right – enough to keep you on your toes but not so much that you feel lost.”

“Great course! I’ve really enjoyed it and would (and already have!) recommended it to others.”

“A very well thought out course.”

“Really enjoyed the course and surprised at how much I’ve learnt.”

“The course made me feel, and dare I say sound, like a guitar player. Thank you so much.”

“I learnt a lot more than I thought possible in just a few weeks.”

“Simon’s approach and the relaxed atmosphere make it easy to learn”

“ Loved every minute. All of it was awesome. Looking forward to next year already!”

“I have really enjoyed every week of the course and can’t believe quite how much I’ve learned in ten weeks.”

“110% – Your course has really transformed my playing.”

“Absolutely loved learning all the great songs of worship – great for my own faith – my own daily worship”.

“Simon you are a great teacher! I like the way each lesson built on the previous. I always walked away from the lesson feeling good (slightly challenged at times). Thank you for your time, passion and energy.”

I think it is amazing and has been a great blessing and builder of confidence”

“I wanted to personally thank you for the course. I really enjoyed it and it has been a big help in my guitar playing and also my worship leading. Thank you.”

Those comments alone motivate me to teach. They instil in me the confidence that I am doing something right.

If, after going through the last few blog posts and hearing my journey into why I started not only playing guitar, but also teaching it, you’ve picked up a desire to learn to play worship guitar, why not check out the variety of courses I have available LIVE all over London as well as online.

Join me here on the blog, as starting next week, I’ll be sharing a new series going deeper into the ins and outs of the guitar. It’s an instrument I’ve not only played, but also studied for many years, and there’s so much more to it than meets the eye. Be sure to come back and start the series with me next week,

By the way, if you’ve always wanted to play worship guitar but have never found the time, I’d love to introduce you to learning to play from scratch by going through my FREE 3-part miniseries which will give you not only the skills, but will also give you three new worship songs to add to your repertoire. Click HERE to access the free series and start (or continue!) your worship guitar journey today!


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